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Why suffer with Buck Teeth or Protruding Teeth? Why grow up with these problems?

September 30th, 2014

Why continue to suffer? Why grow up with these problems?

It's hard to smile when you suffer from buck teeth. Buck teeth can also make it hard to chew with the mouth closed and difficult to sleep and breathe through the nose properly.

Buck teeth, or “protruding teeth,” can be corrected at any age. With early intervention, many times, we can prevent buck teeth from ever occurring.

At as early as age seven - a great time for preventive screening - the doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics can detect the future possibility for buck teeth in young children.

For children and adults already experiencing problems associated with protruding teeth, our doctors have many approaches to treatment and correction. Zaytoun Orthodontics’ goals in correction are:

  1. Protect protruding teeth from injury.
  2. Improve chewing with lips closed.
  3. Permit more restful sleep with less mouth breathing.
  4. Improve the aging process of the face, lips, and teeth by improving the position the teeth in the mouth.

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