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Zaytoun Orthodontist Reviews

April 19th, 2017

Zaytoun Orthodontics Patient Reviews

“Zaytoun Orthodontics provided excellent and personable care. The treatment investment was worth the expense because I left with straight and healthy teeth. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgable. Dr. Zaytoun is very thorough and personable and I felt like we were not being just passed along as another patient because he takes time to talk and ask personal questions to both parents and children.” – Cary, NC

“My expectations at Zaytoun Orthodontics were met exceedingly well. The staff was very friendly and here were no surprises or problems with the treatment. The treatment was well worth the expense. Sarah had a very bad bite and gap, but she really looks great now! The staff is great, friendly, and professional. They know how to make teenagers cooperate and comfortable. I would say the expertise is unbeatable, and the outcome is what and how it is discussed in the initial appointment planning.” – Raleigh, NC

“The staff is fabulous, and of course, Dr. Zaytoun is exceptional at explaining treatment to both the patient and parent. The treatment investment is worth the expense knowing that both Abbie and Logan will have a lifetime of confidence in their smile… That is priceless. All of the staff is fabulous, very friendly and accommodating. I would recommend Zaytoun Orthodontics because the expertise and care are well worth the investment. I have always equated exceptional care and knowledge with the Zaytoun name. Thank you for continuing the family tradition!” – Cary, NC

“Zaytoun Orthodontics exceeded my expectations. I always knew what was going on and the staff was always responsive to questions and emergencies. You don’t realize what a difference braces make until you see the before and after! I loved, loved, loved the staff! They were very helpful and I had a great experience.” – Garner, NC

“My own orthodontic experience was definitely not as “fun” as my son’s  (if braces can even be described that way). As a working parent, I especially loved the working spaces in each office, and the ease of having different locations around the Triangle. Also, Greer’s smile is perfect and beautiful! I’m glad she was able to have orthodontics “early”.  She’s going to have an easier time in the rest of middle school with a beautiful smile and all the confidence that creates. The Zaytoun staff is always cheerful, accommodating, and polite. Greer felt comfortable and at ease with all the technicians, and had great things to say after every visit.” – Raleigh, NC

“Andrew’s treatment went so well that his braces were removed in record time! The treatment was worth the expense, because it does a lot for self esteem for a young person to have a confident and pleasing smile. The staff at Zaytoun Orthodontics are wonderful! Whenever I needed to reschedule they worked it out easily which was helpful as we live at such a distance. I would recommend, and have recommended Zaytoun Orthodontics! Dr. Zaytoun is so personable with the kids. Thank you!” – Cary, NC

“This is my second time around and the team was very helpful. The treatment was worth the expense, and my smile looks great! Everyone at the office is amazing, and they work hard to please me when I come in. I would recommend Zaytoun Orthodontics, they get the job done and the people are friendly. Keep up the good work!” – Cary, NC

“Dr. Zaytoun and his staff are the best. My orthodontic experience was a bit complex, and I always felt that Dr. Zaytoun was empathetic to what I was going through. I feel like the practice is more than a means to make money. I feel that Dr. Zaytoun really cares about his patients and the community. It’s a very warm place…” – Cary, NC

“We were beyond impressed with Zaytoun Orthodontics. We went in yesterday for my daughter’s initial visit, and everyone in the office had such a wonderful, friendly demeanor. Initially, she was nervous about visiting the orthodontist, but the kindness and genuine caring on the part of the staff made her feel completely at ease. Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun Steele has an amazing rapport with children, and she was also very thorough and professional, explaining everything in a way that we could both understand and mapping out a reasonable course of treatment. We will definitely be back to Zaytoun Orthodontics for all of my children’s orthodontic needs.” – Cary, NC

“Our family has been pleased with Zaytoun Orthodontics for years. We have two generations of smiles provided by the doctors at Zaytoun! Thanks for all the care and attention. The facilities are always impeccable, the dental technicians are knowledgeable and friendly, and the orthodontic care is the best.” – Cary, NC

“I consider Zaytoun Orthodontics extremely caring and professional, including the appointment secretaries, technicians, and doctors. My niece, nephew, daughter and I have the Zaytoun Smile. The Zaytouns care not only about your teeth being in the proper position in your mouth, but they also care about your hygiene and following your treatment plan. If you don’t do your part, they will certainly let you know. I love this group and will always recommend this group to anyone looking for orthodontic services.” – Cary, NC

“Zaytoun Orthodontics is the best place around! They have treated three of my four children and the results were terrific in each case. From the moment you walk up the stairs, everyone and everything is first rate. I believe that Dr. Henry, Sr. started a practice with such integrity and skill that the next generation had a very strong foundation to build upon. Our family loves Zaytoun Orthodontics, and we are grateful for each and everyone who works there. Keep up the good work!” – Cary, NC

Outstanding, courteous, efficient and friendly.” – Cary, NC

“As everyone knows, having a teen can be trying at times — now add in a move out of state, all new doctors, schools, friends, and a home. It is so refreshing, when I came into an appointment with my teen who is late for school, tired from football practice, and complaining about the appointment, to find a staff that can make him smile within 10 minutes! I’m thinking it is a world record! My son so enjoyed his appointment. I overheard him talking and laughing to his friends back home about it and how great the people are in NC. Way to represent the state! Thanks Zaytoun Orthodontics! See you in a few weeks.” – Cary, NC

“From the moment I walked in the door till the moment I left with my son, Zachar and I were given the most amazing treatment that anyone could ask for. I had my braces more than 20 years ago by Dr. Zaytoun, Sr. and I couldn’t be more thrilled that my son is getting the same excellent treatment that I did. Thanks for making Zachar look at getting braces as a positive decision instead of one he will be humiliated by.” – Cary, NC

“I have never been in a doctor’s office and felt so at home. Everything ran incredibly smooth. My 13-year-old daughter is excited to go back! My son Adam was thrilled that the staff included him as part of the consultation — not to mention he received a t-shirt as well. Thank you for making our visit so pleasant!” – Cary, NC

“From the receptionists to the technicians to the doctors, Zaytoun Orthodontics employs the most courteous, accommodating and knowledgeable staff in the area. They are perfectionists in the best way and really know their way around teenagers and the parents of teens. The offices are gorgeous, but you will be seen so promptly that you’ll hardly have time to enjoy them.” – Cary, NC

“Dr. Henry Zaytoun, Sr. was my orthodontist when I was a child. Now he, Dr. Henry, Jr., and Dr. Mary Paula care for my daughter and step-son. We’re all smiles thanks to the Zaytouns!” – Cary, NC

“Thank you so much for giving me the smile that I’ve wanted my entire life. I am so grateful for you and your wonderful staff.” – Garner, NC

“Dr. Mary Paula, we appreciate all that you do and have done! Beautiful smiles!” – Cary, NC

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