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Cary, NC Zaytoun Orthodontics officeIn Cary the largest demographic group is children. Seeing parents with minivans full kids heading to soccer practice is not an uncommon site. Likewise, many of our Cary patients are children. We have specialized in the dental care of kids ever since we opened our doors in 1960. We understand that when it comes to young children early orthodontic intervention can improve oral health and stave off dental problems in the future.As new teeth come in so rapidly with children it is vital to ensure they have a regular check-up to identify any issues as they appear. Most orthodontic procedures are easier to treat if they are caught early, such as protruding teeth, crowding, overbites, gaps and underbites. It is also vital to teach children the correct way to brush and floss their teeth to ensure they have healthy teeth for life.

Zaytoun Orthodontics has also been serving teenagers and adults in Cary for over 55 years. No matter what your age, our entire staff is dedicated to you and your family’s dental health!

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The doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics are passionate about serving your orthodontic needs. We’re proud to treat patients in the Cary area and beyond. Contact us today–we look forward to giving you the happy smile you deserve!

See What our Cary Patients Have to Say!

Happy With Invisalign Choice: It took a long time for me to decide to go with Invisalign but your staff never pressured me. Thank you for being patient focused. I am very pleased with the results.

From Nervous to Happy: “I was nervous at my first appointment but you made it a great experience. We were very please with our treatment . My sons teeth look great. We felt supported the whole way. You made the payment process easy too.

Grateful for Traditional Braces: “Thank you! You guys are incredible and we are grateful for all you do! You made the whole braces experience so much better!

Orthodontist Are Professional: “You have an unbelievable amount of patience for work it took to get the end results. Which are beautiful by the way. Your staff is wa always there to explain the process and address my concerns or answer payment questions. The orthodontist were very professional and did an excellent job.

Braces Are Worth The Effort: “All the hygienists and orthodontists has always been supportive, helpful and encouraging. In addition, everyone has been patient with him through all the slow pace of progress at times. He knew he was cared for through it all.

My Favorite Orthodontist:“I just would like to thank everyone for their kindness and their help with making me feel great about my beautiful smile now!

Complicated Orthodontic Treatment: “In my sons case I knew he needed more treatment than most but felt it was worth coming here. This office cares more about the patients than its profits and it shows.

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