• Greater comfort than traditional metal braces and decreased treatment time
  • Light high-technology shape-memory wires that move teeth quickly
  • Teeth can move faster, more freely and comfortably
  • Designed to be discreet and are available in clear brackets

payment and finance

Everyone deserves a healthy smile of their dreams which is why we offer three flexible, in-house payment options. These plans are designed to fit the needs of our patients and are available to make the process even easier. However, if none of our payment plans fit your needs, we’re proud to offer even more options with third-party financing. Questions? Contact our office to learn more about what plan fits best with your lifestyle.

treatment time

The average treatment time for the Damon System is shorter than with conventional braces, in fact, we’ve seen patients average 20 months to achieve their straight smile. Because each treatment is tailored to a specific individual and the way we utilize self-ligating appliances, each patient’s time and results may vary. Zaytoun Orthodontics is with you every step of the way to ensure your treatment goes as quickly, and smoothly as possible.

  • “The Damon system speeds up treatment time and increases comfort in patients, which means there’s less time spent at the orthodontist and more time enjoying a healthy, beautiful smile.”- Dr. Henry Zaytoun Jr.

Why Choose the Damon System?

Let your inner confidence shine through with that straight smile you’ve always wanted. Put your trust in the Damon System and the self-ligating appliance to give you a quicker and more comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces. We know you’ll love your new look!