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Zaytoun Orthodontics

Common Issues

Zaytoun Orthodontics serves children, teens, young adults and older adults. For over the past 50 years, we’ve been putting patients first when it comes to common issues like protruding teeth, overbite, underbite and crowded teeth.

We Offer Solutions to Common Orthodontic Problems

At Zaytoun Orthodontics, we understand that every patient has a different treatment goal in mind. Below are some common outcomes based on age groups.

  • Children: It’s imperative that children come in early for appointments so that the experts at Zaytoun Orthodontics can diagnose and take preventative steps to treat issues that may come up as the teeth grow and mouth matures by using x-ray technology.  
  • Teens: We know teens desire a straight smile that doesn’t slow them down. At Zaytoun Orthodontics, we have many different treatment options including Invisalign Teen, In-Ovation Braces and more.
  • Young Adults: Zaytoun Orthodontics understands that a lot of young adults are just starting out on their own after college, which is why we offer many treatment options fit for your needs and budget.
  • Adults: Adults often require treatment for orthodontic relapse due to shifts in the mouth over the years. Our orthodontists are well versed in the treatment of movement in teeth, including Invisalign, In-Ovation braces and the Damon System. We look forward to assisting you!

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The doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics are passionate about giving you the beautiful smile you deserve. We’re proud to treat patients in the Garner area and beyond. Contact us today–we can’t wait to serve you.

Patient Reviews!

Staff is incredible. Personable, prompt, professional. They obviously love what they do and that translates into a pleasant experience.

Zaytoun is the only orthodontist in Garner that I would recommend. They are the best! Very friendly and they work with my schedule.

Yes, I would recommend this practice! I would tell them that Dr. Henry is the best orthodontist in the world and that everyone is friendly, well organized and very knowledgeable.

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