Trust your child’s smile to us! At Zaytoun  Orthodontics, we routinely conduct early screenings and observational appointments for kindergarten through 2nd graders. These are important because of our ability to spot subtle problems in jaw growth and emerging teeth while baby teeth are still present. Early treatment of orthodontic problems may mean less cost or shorter treatment plans. Our friendly team is well-trained and experienced in working with kids to ensure their orthodontic experience is as pain-free and enjoyable as possible.

As teeth mature, children can be faced with common, yet treatable, orthodontic conditions including:

  • Crossbite – Crossbites occur when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned, causing one or more upper teeth to bite inside of the lower teeth.
  • Crowding – Crowding of the teeth can happen as the jaw grows and permanent teeth start to set in.

“I have three kids and they all have Zaytoun smiles! Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun Steele has an amazing rapport with kids. She puts everyone at ease.

We’ll Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth!

Contact the orthodontists at Zaytoun to help correct common issues that occur as your child matures. We look forward to helping you!

It’s never too early to look for issues that could impede your child’s oral growth. Common treatments include:

  • Early Screening – The doctors at Zaytoun can spot subtle problems in jaw growth and emerging teeth, even while baby teeth are present.
  • Two-Phase Screening – By using cutting-edge technology, we’ll spot potential problems before they develop into a bigger issue.

Once we identify a potential problem, we’ll choose the right time for treatment to accomplish the best results. In many cases, we are able to achieve results at an early age that would not be possible once the face and jaws have finished growing.

Be proactive and get started with an orthodontist today!