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What Our Team Recommends For Busy Patients

The talented doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics specialize in a wide variety of treatments that are tailored to your dental needs and busy lifestyle. The most common orthodontic treatments prescribed in our office include:

  • Invisalign
  • Invisalign Teen
  • In-Ovation Braces
  • And so much more!

What to Expect from Your Consultation with Our Orthodontists

Founded over 50 years ago, the professionals at Zaytoun Orthodontics have a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your journey, from initial consultation all throughout your treatment, as smooth as possible.

During your first consultation, we’ll sit down and get to know you. Our talented orthodontists will diagnose and create a custom plan for treatment based on your goals.

See What our Patients Have to Say!

Yes, the treatment investment was worth the expense. Having proper bite and straight teeth I know is better for overall lifetime health. Definitely worth it.

The Raleigh staff is wonderful! Everyone is very nice and helpful.

I now have 3 children with beautiful smiles and will always be grateful for that. They made the experience as painless as possible (for me and the kids).