How to Navigate the Orthodontic Process

A beautiful smile is the outward sign of a successful orthodontic treatment! To be a successful orthodontist, one must understand the complex biology of the teeth, face and jaw. With three generations of experience and expert knowledge, the doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics give their extended family of patients the very best in orthodontic results. They […]

Invisalign FAQ

    Overview Over the course of treatment, you will be supplied with a series of aligners. Each aligner will make slight adjustments to tooth position, a process that is mapped out in advance by Dr. Henry Jr. or Dr. Mary Paula, specifically for your situation.  When the aligners are placed on the teeth, they […]

Is Invisalign the Right Option for Your Smile?

Thanks to the Internet and word of mouth, you’ve probably heard of Invisalign before. It’s a set of customized translucent trays that guide your teeth into place. This technology can be especially effective when it comes to correcting overbites which occur when teeth on the top portion of your jaw jut out over the bottom […]