Your Smile Journey

Congratulations on beginning your Invisalign journey with Zaytoun Orthodontics. Welcome to the Z-Team! Here are some frequently asked questions that we’d love to address as you start the process to your signature Zaytoun smile.


Dr. Mary Paula, Dr. Henry, and Dr. Mary Lanier will digitally move your teeth from start to finish. We
design the movement of each specific tooth, the movement sequence, the attachment placement,
and the number of aligners to ensure that our treatment plan is perfectly tailored to YOU, your bite,
and your smile.
• The Invisalign lab will then make each aligner for us and ship them to our office. This process takes
about four weeks.

Expect to be with us for about an hour. During that time, we will:
• Place your tooth-colored attachments or “bumps.” (They will be glued to your teeth with our special tooth
glue process. Once you’re done with treatment we will smooth them off and you will never know where they were!)
• Try on your first set of aligners to ensure a perfect fit.
• Review all of our “tips and tricks” about how to take care of your aligners and how to keep your
treatment progressing well.
• Give you multiple (typically 8 or more) sets of aligners and explain when to change to the next set.
• Show you your tooth movement video. (It’s fun and motivating to have a sneak peak of where you’re headed!)
• At the end, we will schedule you for your next check-up appointment in approximately eight weeks.

• We know that not all of your teeth will follow our digital plan exactly (that’s biology for ya!),
so we plan for this!
• To use a golf analogy (Dr. Henry’s favorite!): We expect your first series of trays to get us “on the green.”
Your second series will get us “in the hole!”
• As we approach the end of the first series of trays, we will schedule an appointment to update our
scan and our photos.
• With this new information, we will go back to our digital planning. This allows us to re-capture each tooth
and make a second series of trays, usually fewer in number, to get the details just right.
• We may remove a few attachments and/or add a few attachments during this process.

• Retainers are a critical part of your treatment. They are the BEST way to maintain your awesome results.
• When we reach the end of your aligner treatment, we will remove the attachments, and create and place
the retainers of your choice.
• Retainer options include: upper clear removable retainer, lower clear removable retainer, lower bonded
(non-removable) retainer. It could be all three or some combination of the three. The doctors will discuss
options and give you their specific recommendations based on your specific case as you get closer to
the end of your treatment.

Call, text, or email us! We are happy to chat some more!