Cary Office

Cary Office

Orthodontist in Cary NC

In Cary, the largest demographic group is children so it’s no surprise that many of our patients here are kids. We have specialized in the dental care of children ever since we opened our doors in 1960. We understand that early orthodontic intervention can improve oral health and stave off dental problems in the future. As new teeth rapidly appear it is vital to ensure they have a regular check-up to quickly identify any issues. Most orthodontic procedures are easier to treat if they are caught early, such as protruding teeth, crowding, overbites, gaps, and underbites.

Zaytoun Orthodontics has also been serving teenagers and adults in Cary for over 55 years. No matter what your age, our entire staff is dedicated to you and your family’s dental health! Our on-site amenities include free Wi-Fi and a coffee & tea bar.

Contact us today – we look forward to giving you the happy smile you deserve!

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