Before & After Photos

View Before & After Photos from some of our great patients!

Openbite, Gap Teeth & Overbite


raleigh orthodontic work

Openbite Example

Photos & Images: openbite after orthodontic correction


Smiling Patient 4

Before and after

Photos & Images: gap or spaced teeth after orthodontics

Spaced Teeth

raleigh orthodontic work

Gap Teeth Before and after

Photos & Images: overbite after orthodontics

Crowding, Relapse & Protruding


Smiling Patient 5

Crowded Teeth Example

Photos & Images: crowding treated with orthodontics


raleigh orthodontic work

Orthodontic Relapse Example

Photos & Images: orthodontic relapse correction


Smiling Patient 2

Protruding Teeth Example

Photos & Images: protruding teeth after orthodontic correction


It is clear there is a difference between orthodontics and Zaytoun Orthodontics. Review our before and after braces photos in the Smile Gallery. Each photo is an actual Zaytoun Orthodontic patient. These examples represent all types of common orthodontic problems and results. We achieve exceptional results with treatment options such as braces, Invisalign®, and other orthodontic appliances.

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