How To Pay for Orthodontic Treatment?

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One of the things that orthodontists and even dental offices hear more often than not is the concern from patients about the affordability of treatment. There is a stigma that orthodontic care is too expensive and only truly available for a certain type of patient, making orthodontic treatment “exclusive”. However, today there are more avenues and options available for patients and their families. Practices across the country like Zaytoun Orthodontics offer an arsenal of options for their patients to fulfill the financial obligation of braces or Invisalign©.

Here are some options that a patient may utilize in order to receive treatment:

  • Insurance- First and foremost make sure you utilize your dental insurance and any flex spend accounts before paying out of pocket! This is why you pay for dental insurance! Depending on your depth of coverage, a large portion or even in some cases, the total cost of treatment can be covered by insurance.
  • Payment in Full- This isn’t technically financing, but practices like Zaytoun Orthodontics offer a courtesy discount just for paying in full. If you are in a position to pay for treatment up front, try doing so in full, so you can reap the benefit of a courtesy discount.
  • Interest Free in Office (higher down payment) – Zaytoun Orthodontics offers an option with a higher down payment for treatment, with interest free financing on the remaining balance. You can make your monthly payments lower the more you put down.
  • Interest Free in Office (Lower down payment)-  Another option for those who are unable to put more down upfront, can still make monthly installments and even stretch the number of total payments.
  • Care Credit- This service allows patients to receive a line of credit to use towards dental treatments. Care Credit is widely accepted by practices around the country. This is a great option to get in the game and get you the treatment that you have always needed or always wanted.

There truly is an option for anyone out there in need of orthodontic treatment; it is just a matter of sifting out which avenue is best for you and your financial situation. Zaytoun Orthodontics prides themselves on making payments work within you or your families budget.

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