Managing Your Account Online

Managing Your Account Online

Don’t Have An Account? Here’s How You Can Get Started.

STEP 1 – Click on “Don’t have an account yet?” if you are a first time user.

STEP 2 – Complete the fields as indicated. In order to view financial information through your account, you must create the account using the FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PARTY for the account.


STEP 3 – If you get the following message, fill in the requested information.


Benefits of Having an Account Online

Registering your account online has a multitude of benefits as you are receiving your orthodontic care with us.

  • Updating and managing your contact information
  • Viewing and confirming upcoming appointments and checking your appointment history.
  • Getting directions and printing maps to any one of our 3 practice locations.
  • Paying your bill online, as well as viewing all paid bills and pending charges.
  • Managing your flex account and checking your insurance benefits.
  • Viewing important information about your smile.
  • Referring a friend.
  • Sending us your feedback.


If you have any trouble creating an online ID, contact the office at (919) 782-6911 for additional instructions.