Orthodontic Treatments Provided By Zaytoun Orthodontics

Dr. Henry Zaytoun consulting with an orthodontics patient in Raleigh

Appliances – Often, proper orthodontic treatment requires the use of appliances, such as retainers, elastics, and headgear. Read more about our approach to appliances here.

Self Ligating Braces – There are two primary types of braces – active and passive – and are made of metal, ceramic, or clear brackets. You can read more about this option here.

In-Ovation Braces – These types of braces offer greater comfort and style with a maximum return on your results. Click here to learn more about this exciting orthodontic option.

Damon System® Braces – Eliminating rubber bands, the Damon System® uses an innovative sliding mechanism to help align the teeth. You can find out more about this technique here.

Invisalign® – One of our most popular options is Invisalign® braces!  This groundbreaking technology gives you the results of braces with unparalleled flexibility. Find out more here.

Traditional Braces – These braces are the orthodontic standard for correcting crooked teeth at a price that will fit into almost any budget. We’ve offered this option for decades, and you can read more about them here.

Early Screening – If you want the fastest and best results for your orthodontic care, don’t wait too long!  Early screening can help identify and plan the best solution, then get you optimal returns. Click here to find out more.