Finding the Right Orthodontist

Doctor and assistants working on patient

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Shopping for an orthodontist can be difficult depending on where you live. Some prospective patients have many orthodontists to choose from in their area, while others have very few.

You only have one opportunity to obtain a beautiful smile. So, how do you know you are picking the right orthodontic practice? When evaluating your options for treatment, the following list will be helpful in determining which practice best suits your needs.

  1. Review patient results and testimonials from the office. Ask to see Before and After pictures of actual patients with similar conditions to ensure that you get an accurate picture of practice capabilities regarding your situation. Review testimonials about patients’ experiences.
  2. Ensure that the practice is up-to-date on the most advanced appliances in the profession. There have been significant advances in orthodontic treatment in recent years. Ask what technology is utilized to deliver excellent results.
  3. Evaluate the experience level of the doctors. The doctor’s track record of successful cases and years in practice make the difference between average and exceptional results. The probability of being happy with your final results is higher with each successful smile the doctor has achieved. Ask about the doctor’s qualifications and experience.
  4. Review the qualifications of the staff. The professional and technical abilities of the treatment team are a critical component of your overall treatment success. You should ensure that the office staff are experienced and qualified in the treatment of orthodontic patients. Ensure that you are dealing with an experienced group of professionals.
  5. Investigate the tenure of the practice in the community. Find out how long the practice has been in business. Make sure the practice is well-established in the community. A practice with a long, dependable track record is indicative of the quality of the results.
  6. Determine the tenure of the staff with the practice. Having a seasoned group of professionals with long-term employment at the practice is a prime indication of how well the business is run. Ask each practice you visit about the length of employment of their staff.

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