Is Wearing a Retainer Important?

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Throughout your life, your body changes and ages and so do your teeth. We start out with no teeth, then get baby teeth, and shed those in favor of permanent teeth. Sometimes there are problems with tooth placement and jaw positions. That’s where Drs. Mary Paula or Henry intervene to bring about a change for the better, and transform misaligned teeth and jaws into a healthy and beautiful smile.

After achieving your pinnacle smile, the best way to keep your teeth where they are perfectly positioned is by wearing your retainers as prescribed. Your teeth will shift after months and years of not wearing your retainer. Changes in tooth position are a lifelong and naturally occurring phenomenon, and to maintain the result created by the Z-Team, retainers must be worn in order to retain the positioned you worked so hard to achieve.

If you have completed treatment and have a retainer, be sure to wear it overnight to maintain your current alignment and if any issues arise with your retainer, be sure to contact the Z-Team so we can help you with the finding necessary solution right away. With three convenient locations in Raleigh, Cary and Garner, we make it easy for you to receive our Zaytoun heart of service.

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