Leaves Change And So Can Your Smile

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Change is a part of life.

Change can be predictable, like the annual transformation of leaves from green to shades of yellow, orange and yellow. We can also expect changes in our bodies, too, but how does that relate to our teeth?

Teeth are set in bone, not stone.

There’s no question that bone is a hard substance. But unlike stone, bone is living tissue. It is in a constant state of change. Bone cells are broken down and rebuilt; this process is called “bone remodeling”. It takes stimulation to keep the process moving. The bone remodeling in your jaws come from biting, chewing, swallowing and speaking. Just as these actions place force on the teeth, the force, in turn, stimulates bone remodeling, which is why teeth can move.

It is this remodeling process that makes orthodontic treatment possible. Appliances like braces and aligners are tools the orthodontists at Zaytoun Orthodontics use to place controlled forces on teeth in order to move them into ideal positions. Without having expertise like Drs. Mary Paula and Henry Jr. have in guiding the direction and amount of pressure applied to teeth, they are free to move where the forces take them which could result in your bite being off and could lead to various other dental problems.

Have you noticed a change in your bite?

Are your bottom front teeth beginning to crowd? Did you lose a permanent tooth and its former tooth neighbors are on the move? If you previously had some orthodontic treatment are you noticing some shifting in your teeth from the lack of wearing a retainer?

Whatever the cause, visiting Zaytoun Orthodontics for a complimentary exam and consultation will help you find out what can be done to get you the smile you have always wanted.

So this year, when it comes to your teeth, let the fall colors be your reminder that although your teeth may shift or change, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent or something you have to live with. A healthy and beautiful smile really can last a lifetime. Your journey to a beautiful, healthy and radiant smile begins right here at Zaytoun Orthodontics with three convenient locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Garner.

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