Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners


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“Invisible braces” or what Orthodontists call “clear aligners” are here. “Invisalign” – a brand that’s become a generic term, like Kleenex, even though several companies make clear aligners, is the most popular and mainstream manufacture of these aligners. This method is one of many “appliances”  orthodontists use to move teeth and align jaws to create a healthy, beautiful smile.

How Aligners Work

Like traditional braces, aligners are designed to move teeth a little at a time. Before treatment begins, the orthodontist will examine the patient, and take diagnostic records including x-rays, photographs, and impressions, or digital scans of the teeth. Using that information, the orthodontist makes a diagnosis and proceeds to work within the aligner software to design your smile and plan the treatment process. Remember, the plan includes all of the teeth, not only the few that are seen when someone smiles. The goal of any orthodontic treatment is to achieve a healthy “bite” so the top and bottom teeth can fit together properly. Moving teeth is a complex biological process and requires start-to-finish supervision by an orthodontist like Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun Steele or Dr. Henry Zaytoun Jr.

With an end goal in mind, a series of plastic aligners are created using the patient’s initial impressions or digital scans. The aligners are plastic replicas of your teeth, which gradually reposition your teeth through a constant, gentle pressure. Each set of aligners is worn for a week or two for 22 hours per day before proceeding to the next set. Over time, teeth reach their ideal places, according to the plan specifically designed by the Z-Team. The total number of aligners necessary will vary from patient to patient.  As with traditional braces, patients will need to wear retainers after their teeth reach their new positions.

Are Clear Aligners Right for Me?

The best way to determine that is to have a free exam and consultation by the award-winning team at Zaytoun Orthodontics, allowing the doctors the opportunity to assess your case and provide their expertise.

Because of the extensive education that Drs. Mary Paula and Henry Jr. acquired and their familiarity with the many orthodontic “appliances” available, they can knowledgeably suggest a treatment that is right for you based on your treatment goals and lifestyle needs. Zaytoun Orthodontics offers reasonable down payments and a variety of affordable payment plans.

Come by to witness for yourself how Zaytoun Orthodontics has been creating healthy, beautiful smiles in the triangle since 1959 and embark on your own orthodontic journey to your signature Zaytoun Smile!

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