Zaytoun Orthodontics Raleigh Office Gets a Small Make-Over

Z Team club setup

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Our Raleigh office location on Six Forks Road has received a makeover in the past two months. With the launch of our Patient Rewards Hub in mid-March, we added a bit of fun, informative and interactive pieces around the office to explain and engage our patients in the new Patients Rewards hub.

Additionally, we placed educational pieces about the 7& Up Kids Club around the office. We added a pop-up banner in our Treatment Coordinator Room and an interactive cartoon characterization of Drs. Mary Paula and Henry Jr. on the wall leading into the treatment bay to draw the attention of our younger patients. The observation program, also known as our 7&Up Kids Club was created specifically for kids age 7 and older who are not ready for orthodontic treatment but are seen once or twice a year to monitor their teeth and jaw growth. Ensuring the doctors start treatment at the appropriate time. The American Association of Orthodontists strongly suggests that kids see an orthodontist by age 7.

Not only do we have educational information adorning the walls around the office, but we also have an interactive plinko board! The plinko board sits in the waiting area so patients (and parents) can play for Reward Points when waiting for their appointment or before leaving! The patient hub is one of many ways to earn rewards.

We also added various pieces of art and photography around the office for the enjoyment of our adult patients, as well as parents that spend time with us. All of these changes reflect our focused effort to ensure our patients have a meaningful and enjoyable experience at Zaytoun Orthodontics. Take a look below at some of the changes we’ve made.

raleigh orthodontic work raleigh orthodontic workraleigh orthodontic work
raleigh orthodontic workraleigh orthodontic work

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