Third Generation Zaytoun Doctor Joins Zaytoun Orthodontics as Newest Orthodontist

Headshot of Dr. Mary Lanier Zaytoun

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Zaytoun orthodontics is excited to announce the addition of our very own Dr. Mary Lanier Zaytoun to the team. Dr. Mary Lanier, daughter of Dr. Henry Jr., niece to Dr. Mary Paula, and granddaughter to Dr. Henry Sr., is thrilled to be following in the family footsteps as the third generation Zaytoun orthodontist.

Dr. Mary Lanier is a “triple Tarheel”, spending 11 academic years in Chapel Hill and graduating from UNC with three degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a focus in Nutrition, followed by a Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree, and a Masters of Science in Orthodontics.

An avid swimmer growing up, Mary Lanier’s second love was always spending time with her dad in the office. From the odd jobs of organizing supplies and assembling tooth brushing instruction kits as a middle schooler, to working in the lab pouring up study models during summers in high school, to training as a dental assistant throughout college, her roots have been with Zaytoun orthodontics for decades.

Dr. Mary Lanier has seen firsthand the positive benefits that a beautiful, healthy smile can have. She believes, as do the Z-Team members that have come before her, that helping patients achieve their perfect smiles has the ability to truly improve their self-esteem and change their life.

About Zaytoun Orthodontics: For 60 years, Zaytoun Orthodontics has been perfecting smiles in the Raleigh, Cary & Garner communities, providing a platinum-level service to over 36,000 patients. The three generations of Zaytoun doctors have more than 125 years of orthodontic expertise offering state-of-the-art Invisalign to traditional braces for you and the whole family. Their integrity, innovative technology and heart of service are why they are the “Top Orthodontic Practice” in the Triangle. Experience what sets Zaytoun Orthodontics apart—where their signature is your Zaytoun smile.

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