7&Up Club and the Benefits of Early Screening

Doctor and patient and parent looking at screen

  What is the 7&Up Club? The 7&Up Club is a free program offered by Zaytoun Orthodontics in Cary, Raleigh, and Garner, designed as an observation stage to monitor your child’s teeth and jaw growth and plan for future orthodontic needs. These appointments occur every six to twelve months at no cost to your family […]

Finding the Right Orthodontist

Doctor and assistants working on patient

  Shopping for an orthodontist can be difficult depending on where you live. Some prospective patients have many orthodontists to choose from in their area, while others have very few. You only have one opportunity to obtain a beautiful smile. So, how do you know you are picking the right orthodontic practice? When evaluating your […]

Methods for Cleaning Your Retainer

Assistant fixing retainer

  Wearing a retainer is a very important part of your orthodontic treatment.  If you use a retainer to maintain your beautiful smile, Zaytoun Orthodontics’ Dr. Henry Zaytoun Jr. has 4 professional recommendations for helping you keep your retainer fresh and clean!   How to Clean Your Retainer Thoroughly Use Toothpaste and a Soft Toothbrush. This is […]

Is My Child Too Young For Orthodontic Treatment?

Parents try to do what’s best for their children on a daily basis. When it comes to their children’s teeth, the desire to do what’s right is even more prominent since a healthy smile is crucial to their self-esteem. Therefore, when you see your son or daughter’s adult teeth start to come in, you may […]