How to Navigate the Orthodontic Process

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A beautiful smile is the outward sign of a successful orthodontic treatment! To be a successful orthodontist, one must understand the complex biology of the teeth, face and jaw. With three generations of experience and expert knowledge, the doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics give their extended family of patients the very best in orthodontic results. They see their patients all throughout treatment to ensure that each patient gets that beautiful smile they want!

Orthodontic treatment is not a quick fix. Your care starts with a thorough examination of the teeth, facial structures and dental records such as x-rays and digital photos. From this detailed information, Dr. Henry and Dr. Mary Paula develop a custom treatment plan, and very often they collaborate with each other. Therefore, their patients get the benefit of having two very experienced doctors diagnosing their specific needs. You will be advised of the recommended treatment, how long it is expected to take and all the things necessary to be done by the patient, doctors and the Z-Team to reach a successful conclusion.

Since orthodontic treatment can be a complex process, the doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics makes sure that every case is individually attended to with their full attention to detail. If anything is amiss, a regularly-scheduled visit gives the orthodontists the opportunity to appropriately intervene in a timely manner. Appointments are scheduled roughly every six-to-ten weeks to assess tooth movement and oral health, and to adjust your treatment as needed.

Working together with the Zaytoun Orthodontics team, orthodontic treatment can yield life-enhancing results: better function (biting, chewing, speaking), improved appearance and increased self-esteem. Our advice: keep your scheduled appointments, advise your orthodontist of problems that may crop up between appointments, watch what you eat and drink, avoid sugary drinks (soda, sports drinks and sweet tea) and brush and floss as instructed by the wonderful Zaytoun Dental Assistants. It’s worth the effort to reach the goal you and the doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics share: giving you a healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! Our signature is your Zaytoun smile!

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