Post Orthodontic Relapse Revisted


If you’re beginning to notice that your teeth are crowding again, or that you’re overbite is starting to reemerge, you may be suffering from an orthodontic relapse. In many cases, we can eliminate the need for cosmetic dentistry or veneers by utilizing the these convenient treatment options:

  • Invisalign: Adults tend to want a solution that is both effective and discreet, and Invisalign triumphs on both fronts! Just like conventional braces, you get the benefits of straightening your teeth without wearing bulky brackets or elastics.
  • Lingual braces: For most people in the work force, the look of conventional braces is a non-starter. Fortunately, we offer lingual braces to avoid this situation. These are similar to traditional braces, but placed on the backs of the teeth. This makes the braces practically invisible, while still providing an effective solution for your smile.

Helping You Achieve A Beautiful Smile

If you are experiencing a post-orthodontic relapse, the team at Zaytoun Orthodontics is ready to help you reclaim your best smile! While so many adults struggle to find time and balance in their busy world, we understand your unique challenges and can tailor a plan that suits your needs. With options like Invisalign and Lingual Braces, we can work to give you the confident smile you want, without your friends and coworkers knowing!

What Causes Orthodontic Relapse?

Teeth commonly shift over time, regardless of care and upkeep. These shifts can eventually lead to instability, giving way to impacted facial muscles, altered appearance, and discomfort. Zaytoun Orthodontics has decades of experience in treating adults with these types of impairments, and can offer our patients multiple approaches to treatment, eliminating the need for costly veneers or other cosmetic procedures.

We’re proud to offer a variety of cutting-edge methods and appliances to our patients. If you’d like to hear more about our unique approaches to treating adults with post-orthodontic relapse, contact one of our Smile Counselors today to schedule an appointment. Whether you need something as simple as a retainer, want the seamless straightening of Invisalign, like the hidden help of lingual braces, or are interested in trying self-ligating braces, we’re ready and willing to help!