If My Front Teeth Are Straight, Why Should I Worry About The Others?

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Perception isn’t always reality

Things are not always as they appear. There are many people out there who from the outside look healthy, but who internally are battling a chronic illness. Likewise, you may be interested to learn that even if your front teeth are straight, there can be a problem with how all your teeth fit together – a problem that can actually be a cause for concern for your overall oral health.

Bite not right?

Teeth are very similar to gears in a car. In a car, it’s “teeth” are engineered to fit together in a specific way to perform a specific task. If they don’t fit together in the right way, the gears can’t do their jobs. It’s the same with your teeth. Upper and lower teeth are meant to fit in a certain way with their counterparts in the opposite jaw. If the fit is off, even by a little, there can be issues that stem from it- even if the front teeth look straight. If the bad bite is not corrected, the stage is being set for potential problems.

The end game of orthodontic treatment

The true goal of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite so you can bite and chew food efficiently and comfortably. Teeth that work better tend to look better too. The beautiful smile is a pleasant attribute of what treatment is really all meant to do.

A healthy bite is achieved by repositioning teeth within the jaw bones, and ensuring they meet as intended to allow for biting and chewing.

Some of the following bite problems below can be difficult to see because often times the front teeth are straight:

  • An underbite (or anterior crossbite) – when the top teeth are positioned behind the bottom teeth
  • An open bite – when the back teeth are closed, but the front teeth don’t meet, or when the front teeth meet, but the back teeth don’t touch
  • A deep bite – when top teeth completely cover the bottom teeth
  • A crossbite – when the bottom teeth are outside of the top teeth

If an improper bite is not treated, problems develop. Some common problems are premature wear of the teeth as well as chipping of teeth. Both of these can cause jaw joint problems as well as increase the risk for cavities- In turn, making it difficult to eat and talk.

The good news is there is a way to check your bite and ensure none of this happens to you. Zaytoun Orthodontics has been treating patients in the Triangle (Raleigh, Cary & Garner) for almost 60 years! With a combined experience of over 105 years, Dr. Henry and Dr. Mary Paula offer the best expertise in the field of orthodontics. Having a healthy bite applies to all of your teeth, not just the few front teeth people see when you smile. Check your bite, or your child’s, by consulting either Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun Steele or Dr. Henry Zaytoun Jr. for a free exam & consultation! Phone: 919-782-6911.

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