Treating My Crowded Teeth

At Zaytoun Orthodontics in Raleigh, Cary and Garner, we have years of experience turning crowded teeth into beautiful, straight smiles in patients of all ages.

If left untreated, overly crowded teeth can:

  • Worsen over time
  • Are difficult to clean and cause plaque accumulation
  • Lead to tooth decay
  • Could result in impacted teeth
  • Increase chances of gum disease and bone loss

How Do You Correct Crowded Teeth?

The doctors at Zaytoun Orthodontics use a variety of orthodontic appliances and types of braces to correct crowded teeth. Our effective treatment options include:

  • Invisalign® – A way to a straight smile without metal braces.
  • Damon System® Braces – An innovative approach to correcting crowded teeth, using a slide mechanism.
  • In-Ovation® Braces – A tie-less system that offers a simpler, faster-working alternative to traditional braces.
  • Other Self-Ligating Braces – Ideal for many adults, self-ligating braces use a clip method to easily align teeth.
  • Other Appliances – From rubber bands to retainers, Zaytoun Orthodontics offers specialized treatments tailored to your specific needs.

View our Smile Gallery!

Take a look at our smile gallery of Before & Afters and see how Zaytoun Orthodontics has helped correct crowded teeth in patients all across Raleigh, Garner and Cary. These results are definitely something to smile about!

crowded teeth example

Crowded Teeth Example

Crowded Teeth Example

Crowded Teeth Example

Crowded Teeth Example